Activate Your DNA

An Inner Journey of Self-Discovery

Your DNA holds the keys to unlocking your Hidden Potentials. Using our Multidimensional QSET Sounds you Activate the Awakening Process to access the mysteries within your Bio-Energetic Field of Light and initiate the DNA Activation process.


QSET | Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions | ShapeshifterDNA

quantum level frequencies, sound patterns and modulations intentionally crafted to activate and awaken your multidimensional consciousness with the intent to align your soul essence with source vibration

one of the most powerful and comprehensive DNA Activation programs available for learning how to access the data streams within the multi-strand DNA using evolutionary concepts in sound healing & transformational music

DNAvatar Online Courses | DNA Activation
DNA Activation LevelOne | ShapeshifterDNA

the beginning, the place to start your DNA Activation explorations using these foundational frequencies to begin building the energetic framework for the more advanced sonic architectural explorations to come

a sonic bridge, extending out through dimensional gateways, weaving energetic threads of manifestation, thus building evolutionary templates intentionally leading towards a deeper awakening through lucid awareness in waking, shamanic and sleeping states

DNA 1.5 Lucidity | ShapeshifterDNA
DNA Activation DNA.L2 | ShapeshifterDNA

creating tangible 5th world architecture by grounding advanced teachings & non-linear information received through deeper engagement in the multidimensional realms of sound, light and frequency enabling you to break free of limiting beliefs and the control structure matrix

stimulating psychedelic sound & visuals designed to enhance access portals into opening the 3rd eye as you intentionally engage with the DNA Activation and ascension process, moving towards greater possibilities and potential freedoms in the 5th world of light

Temple of the Divine MUSE YouTube Channel

The multidimensional content created in this DNA Activation program spans over 30 years of reseach, both personally and with people all over the planet. You can step in slowly, step out when you want and go deeper when ready. This is a self-directed path for those who seek to follow a path of Conscious Evolution. This program and any teachings you discover within is intended for spiritual explorers. There are no rules, preset dogmas or doctrines you must follow, it is your choice to engage at whatever level resonates with your personal path. It is for anyone seeking enlightenment, self-realization and a desire to attain knowledge and wisdom on the ascension journey. Our QSET music is complimentary with many other tools and techniques that you feel in alignment with and may already be engaged with. This program can be used with various forms of meditation and self-awareness techniques, as well as anyone using entheogens as a shamanic tool for developing spiritual awareness or psychedelic research. Can be used in a variety of therapeutic settings.


DISCLAIMER & CAUTION: The information offered on this site should be considered spiritual in nature and not based in scientific fact. This type of guidance is not recognized to be truth by current medical models and should not replace your doctors opinions. It should be used to compliment any other treatments or therapies you are currently engaged with. You are ultimately responsible for the reality you experience and therefore create. It is intended for spiritual explorers on the leading edge of consciousness explorations. DO NOT engage if you are currently mentally or emotionally unstable as these sounds could create imbalance in your field. 


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