DNA Activation Music Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution of our 12 Strand DNA

Activate Your DNA - DNA Activation

DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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Money Back Guarantee

We feel confident that if you work with our product for 3 months consistently you will be aware of the positive results they are producing in your life. This is why we feel we can offer a money back offer to you, cuz let's face it, no one can afford to lose money on their product. We, of course, have conditions to this offer which is only fair to both of us. For starters, if you are not sure about the product, we recommend that you start by reading our Free Ebook on DNA Activation as well as talk to us to learn more about them first hand. This way you get a chance to decide if you even want to go further and invest in the entire package.

In addition, we have started our DNAvatar Program and you can get started for free. This will also give you enough beginner information to help you get started.

Once you decide you are going to truly work with the product, we ask you to give it at least 3 months before you decide that it is or isn't working in your life. If after 2 months of working with the product, you feel you are not getting enough out of it, we REQUIRE that you call us and talk with JoAnn to see if we can find out more about how you are using them and the experiences you are having. We will make some suggestions to assist you in getting the most benefit from your listening sessions. We may also recommend that you take the DVD Training Program to facilitate a greater assimilation of these teachings in your life. You can also call before this 2 month period of time anytime you want or email us at anytime if you have questions about your experiences. Following this 2 month phone call, we will check up with you the next month to see how your experiences are going. If at the end of these 3 months, we all feel you are not receiving any benefit, we will refund your investment for the product. We can proudly say, to this date, no one has asked for their money back.



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