DNA Activation Music Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution of our 12 Strand DNA

Activate Your DNA - DNA Activation

DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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Effects & Benefits of DNA Activation

While every person will have a different experience when using these soundscapes, we have found that there is some common ground. There is an immediate awareness that the sounds are new and unusual to the ear. Along with this awareness comes a sense of deep resonance and a feeling of "coming home." If you can understand that these sounds emanate from a vibrational realm that is very deeply connected to The Source of All That Is/Source Vibration, then this awareness of going home will make more sense to you. It is something that your Soul knows on the deepest levels of its being. And while everything around us seems to be programmed to take us further and further away from our Soul level awareness, this music will bring you back to that place of deep inner peace and inner knowningness; which ultimately leads your towards higher states of Self-Empowerment in all areas of your life.

A very common experience, each time that you listen is that you become aware of new sounds and patterns. You will find even over long periods of time, this will continue to be so. The soundscapes are composed multidimensionally so that they actually release new frequencies/sounds as you evolve and increase your Light Quotient, which means you are more expanded energetically to be able to hear these sounds as you continue your listening sessions. Gary has had many lifetimes of accumulated experience to develop this sonic connection, which enables him to provide such a vast spectrum of potentiated frequencies for you to engage with as you are ready. It takes considerable dedication, discipline and commitment to bring forth this energy and it has been his primary focus this entire lifetime to master this skill.

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We will leave it up to you who are using the DNA LevelOne series to determine what benefits you have received in your life. There are common effects and some that are truly unique to each individual.

  • More relaxed
  • Less stressed overall
  • Sleep better
  • Deeper sleep
  • Enhanced dream activity
  • Lucid dreaming awareness increases
  • Deeper meditations
  • Soul level awareness activated
  • Third eye visions activated
  • Intuitive awareness expands
  • New levels of creative expression awakened
  • Consciousness becomes more fluid and open
  • Able to sustain conscious awareness for longer periods of time in meditation states
  • Need less sleep
  • Wake up more refreshed
  • Enhances healing processes in physical body
  • Stronger connection to various forms of divine intelligence and to All That Is
  • Spontaneous pastlife memories surface
  • Increased ESP/psychic abilities
  • Increase manifestation abilities
  • More synchronistic events
  • Overall feel happier and joy-filled, more grateful
  • Feel lighter, more energetic
  • Become more aware of vibrational fields and the matrix connecting all things
  • Increase in remote perceptions
  • More in flow with life's events
  • Increased ability to balance emotional states
  • Moving through blocks and resistances easier
  • Enhanced Remote Viewing practices
  • Children & pets respond by being more calm and relaxed in environments
  • Plants also seem to be receiving the positive energy
  • Dormant creative talents released
  • Deeper understanding of sound and frequency via music
  • Greater sense of non-attachment
  • More response oriented, less reactive
  • Develop a keen sense of connection with various animals and nature
  • Enhanced body wisdom guides diet choices toward needs vs. wants
  • Grounded sense in stance and gait; more "fitted" in one's body

DNA 1.5 Lucidity was created to provide a better bridge between the LevelOne series and the L2. It was created after the L2 was released because many found it challenging to go directly into the L2 frequencies.

  • Builds the frequency bridge from the foundational templates of LevelOne into the projected architectures of the 5th World
  • Provides deeper cleaning and cleansing of any darker elements in the field
  • Embraces the joy and bliss found within the mysterious energy of the Other - spirit worlds or alien worlds
  • Clears through oblique angles found within the body temple that still results in discomfort or dis-ease patterns
  • Expands ones ability to connect to each successive realm of Light and Dark, providing seamless transitions on the journey
  • Stretches the energy body in a multitude of directions which allow for expansive shamanic journey work, out of body experiences, remote viewing
  • Initiates the beginning protocols for transmutation, transmigration and teleportation - a high level shapeshifting process
  • Powerful cleanser of all 3D media programming techniques to capture the conscious mind; providing more expansive clarity on Soul directives
  • Enhances deepest levels of Soul level awareness of path and purpose and aligns one with mission parameters




DNA.L2 expands on these initial benefits and while this level of the work is still in the early stages of moving out across the planet, we have had some reported benefits to report.

  • Enhancement of all DNA LevelOne benefits
  • More direct connections with manifestations at a quickened pace
  • Advanced ESP abilities - telepathy, levitation, teleportation, transmutation, remote viewing, astral & dimensional travels, time travel
  • Tangible and direct contact with the Other
  • Increase of financial abundance in alignment with need for project development in alignment with planetary shifts
  • Amplified energetic support provided by group synergy to assist in grounding planetary missions
  • Quick release & resolve of negative imprints, events and situations
  • Magnified understanding of higher teachings
  • Increase of creative abilities to receive and process downloads from higher realms
  • Attainment of spiritual wisdom via direct transmissions of Light
  • More direct communications via clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities
  • Greater clarity in dreaming states providing tangible guidance for waking state
  • Dissolving of the veils between dimensional states - allowing greater flexibility during all ascension based processes
  • Communion and direct communications with the Elemental Kingdoms
  • Rejuvenation & transmutation of the body temple on profound levels leading to the development of longevity, invincibility, immortality, lightbody, Diamond Body
  • To experience light = food, preparing the way to breatharianism
  • Activate axiatonal light lines that extend from our meridians to infinity
  • Full awareness of the matrix and to travel anywhere within and without
  • See and ground the full spectrum of light and color, sound, smell, touch, taste