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DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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DNA Activation Links of Interest

This list is offered as a place to deepen your explorations in to the realms of DNA Activation. We will post sites that we feel should be explored as well as accept link exchanges with others who feel our work is in alignment with their site content. This page is only for DNA Activation related info.

We do not endorse or support any teachings presented on these sites, but we have visited them either briefly or extensively and felt that the information presented is valuable for your research.

LINK REQUEST: If you would like to suggest a site, submit via email, use format below and type out exactly as you would like it to appear - EMAIL US

• Healers/Teachers/Workshop Leaders

Natures Path -- Vianna Stibal
Vianna is a medical intuitive who came upon the path of activating the DNA through her own path of self-healing. She offers one-on-one healing activations as well as traveling around the planet teaching the DNA Activation seminars. Her book is Go Up and Seek God.
Workshop Schedule

Oughten House Foundation -- Robert V. Gerard, PhD
Dr. Gerard offers workshops and DNA Activation and Healing Techniques certification trainings around the world. He also has books and guided meditation tapes available at his website. His current book in its second priniting is "Change your DNA, Change your Life."

Nibiruan Council -- Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council, providing multidimensional information on a variety of topics from ascension and DNA recoding to earth changes, the Galactic Federation, starseeds, walk-ins and universal history.

David Hulse Ministries -- David Hulse
Free yourself from limiting beliefs and take control of your destiny by joining David Hulse Ministries on a spiritual journey of awakening, transformation and self empowerment! David has studied with Dr. Robert Gerard and has taken his teacher certification training courses. He offers workshops and has books and tapes on many interesting topics on his site. David is a very dynamic speaker.

Judy Dragon CHT, minister
Certified Theta/DNA Advanced teacher and practitioner, Theta Manifestation and Abundance instructor. In person or phone remote healing sessions; medical intuitive scannings; quickly change your belief systems on four complete levels. Free DNA activation with one hour session.

Stephen Deuel
Originator of Vibrational Technologies Empowerment/Healing
Sessions upon a 'Tactile Sound Table' utilizing DNA Activation CDs, personal frequencies and Vibrational Technologies. DNA activation and support for Spiritual, mental, emotional & physical transitions involved with the integration of the 12 strand DNA into our conscious being. Personalized Golden Signature Tones CDs.

Zannie Rose
Certified DNA Practitioner,Awakening the Light Body Teacher,Reiki-Seichem Master,Qualified Psychosynthesis Therapist,Theta Healer
Experience the activation of your DNA 12 Strands and Youth & Vitality Chromosome whilst bathed in the Visionary Music Activation soundscape. Bask in this music whilst experiencing an Ascension Reiki energy session.Wish you could but live far away? Remote sessions can easily be arranged for DNA Activation, Theta Healing, Core belief re-patterning to enhance your well-being in all areas. Abundance issues are a speciality. Essential Programmes downloads are on the menu too

Toby Alexander
Certified DNA Practitioner, Reiki Master, Soulwisdom Energy Transformation Practitioner
DNA activation combined with proprietary techniques, auric clearing, transmutation of occupants, portals, and wormholes, discarnate removal, distant Reiki healing, consciousness and energy manifestation techniques

Debbie Dehm
L.M.T., reiki master
massage,reiki, reiki classes, meditation class

Diana Ewald
Licensed Massage Therapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Response Therapist
Now available: Spiritual Activation Massage - designed to Awaken and Accelerate Your Divinity using the Crown Chakra Crystal Bowl, 1 of 4 DNA Activation soundscapes from Visionary Music, and the application of a 7th Heaven Blend from Young Living Essential Oils formulated to attain a higher spiritual frequency. Other Energy Healing Sessions in combination with these CD's can accelerate vibrational healing: massage, craniosacral, or reiki.

Diane Henderson
Certified in DNA Activation by Oughten House in 1999, Reiki Master, Certified in Rebirthing
Intuitive/spiritual readings, DNA Activation & Healing, Reiki classes and sessions, therapeutic breathwork/rebirthing, and more

Sol Luckman
Phoenix Center for Regenetics

Facilitating conscious personal mastery as a bio-spiritual healing path through integrated DNA activation. Addressing allergies, chronic conditions, emotional imbalances and more. Also sponsoring DNA Monthly, your free online resource for cutting-edge news about who you truly are. Subscribe to DNA Monthly Newsletter.












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