DNA Activation Music Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution of our 12 Strand DNA

Activate Your DNA - DNA Activation

DNA Activation Soundscapes for Conscious Evolution

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Activate Your DNA Training Program

DISCONTINUED ITEM - This program is gradually being added to the DNAvatar Program

DNA Activation LevelOne Series of 4 Soundscapes to begin your journeys into activating the 12-strand DNA

  • Training program to assist in building a solid spiritual foundation in preparation for expanding consciousness using multidimensional sound
  • Prepare the Body Temple to align with the higher frequencies
  • Helps you to create a field of Light-based support around your entire bio-energetic field
  • Enhances connections to higher self and higher guidance teams
  • Increases Light Quotient to allow for more expansive energy flows
  • Initiates the activation process of the multi-strand DNA codex
  • Assists in developing skills and techniques to work deeply with multidimensional sounds
  • Samples of images and animation in the Activate Your DNA DVD PackageExpands field of awareness to connect with higher intuition and psychic abilities
  • Prepares your bio-energetic form for shapeshifting and shamanic travels
  • Stimulates out of body, remote viewing and multidimensional travelling abilities
  • Loosens the energy body to prepare for all ascension dynamics
  • Activates lucid awareness in dream states and memory recall of pastlife events


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This training program is available on 2 DVDs or you can also order each segment individually as a downloadable packet. Each segment contains narrations, graphics, animations and vocal sound tracks of guided journeys. It is highly recommended to do this DVD series to learn how to work with our DNA Activation soundscapes for optimal results when working with multidimensional sound.

The approximate time it will take you to work on this presentation is up to you. We encourage you to spend time in gently focused awareness with each exercise before moving on to the next one. Be sure to feel that you have assimilated energy and information from each process. We recommend doing them in the order in which they are presented. Repeat them as often as necessary.

NOTE: Prior to working with this training program, we recommend that you have at least the DNA LevelOne #1 soundscape to work with these techniques presented.

If you feel you already have a solid spiritual foundation and a strong connection with your higher guidance teams, then you might want to skip AYD #1 and just move on to #2. Email us if you have questions about which one to work with.

Support Services:
Before or after completing each experience, if you feel that you need extra guidance, Individual support is also available by request. Brief questions can be answered quickly by emailing, clicking on LiveChat or calling us at no additional charge. For more extensive support, review the services availble with JoAnn at The 3rd Eye

Shamanic Journeys into the Multidimensional Timestream

Activate Your DNA #1

Building a Strong Spiritual Foundation for working with the DNA Activation Soundscapes

Activate Your DNA is our first DNA Activation program to help you build a solid spiritual foundation

These are the segments available on this DVD

Grounding to the Earth Grid 

Balancing Chakras

Increasing Light Quotient

Connecting and Merging with Higher Self

Calling forth Guidance Team

Activating Your DNA


Shamanic Journeys into the Multidimensional Timestream

Activate Your DNA #2

Learning how to work with Multidimensional Music & Sound

Activate your DNA is the 2nd DNA Activation DVD in our series

These are the segments available on this DVD

Become the Music

Point of Focus (POF)

Expanding POF

Color Vibs

Following Sound

Energy Body Dance

Modulate the Lifewave